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I have been reading up on all things lipo and am surprised that many people gain weight after liposuction. For the ladies who have hard a lot of fat removed (e.g., large volume lipo), how long did your results last? If you gained weight after surgery, what did the weight gain do to your body proportions?Do you have to decrease calories or increase exercise to maintain the post-surgery body? I am really concerned that I will go through my surgery and end up putting on weight in other areas of the body. I am in the normal weight range and do life a healthy lifestyle, so I think that I would be all right, however I am really suprised and concerned.


This is so sad. I had liposuction done about 5 years ago and was so excited to have it done. I was normal weight and was always skinny on my upper body, never had a problem with it. I had liposuction done on my outter thighs, inner thighs, knees, and buttocks which were my problem areas. Right after my liposuction I started to notice that my breasts were getting bigger, then my shirts did not fit anymore, my tummy was growing and even my face was looking fatter.  At first I did not pay much attention because I was so happy with my lipo and my legs thinner, etc.  But some months later, I noticed that………

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